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Stichting SPARK te Amsterdam

Founded in 1994, SPARK is an independent, dynamic international development organisation with 80 staff members in offices in Amsterdam (Head Office), Southeast Europe, the Palestinian Territories and Africa. Click here to see where SPARK works. SPARK field offices are established in regions that are grappling with the complex effects of recent conflicts, including high levels of unemployment and limited educational opportunities for their people. Many of these people do not have resources to contribute to effective and sustainable economic growth of their fragile societies. Out of work, idle, with little invested in the future, are common socio-economic conditions that risk pushing people toward criminal activity, and re-invoking social unrest. SPARK is determined to increase the number of sustainable job opportunities and economic prospects for people in these societies, through development of higher education and the local private sector. With special attention to marginalised groups, including youth, women and returning refugees, SPARK works closely with local partners to equip these populations with knowledge, tools and motivation to lead their post-conflict societies into prosperity.

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